I've been running my whole life and I'm planning my grand finale this year. This will be a 3000-mile run down the East Coast Greenway which connects through 15 states and 450 cities and towns for 3,000 miles from Maine to Florida.

  • 1954 (Age 8)

    Field Day at PS 72. 50yd dash - only 2 participants in the event in Class C, "the little runt division." Yes, I won.
  • 1968 (Age 22)

    Basic Training, US Army, Ft Knox I didn’t like running, especially in full combat uniform. I left saying; “I hate this, I’m never running again.”
  • 1975 (Age 29)

    I was harassed by Johnny Betz, head lifeguard at Siesta Key Beaches, until I ran a half-mile on the beach, barefoot. I continued running barefoot for the next 2 years.
  • 1977 (Age 31)

    I bought a pair of Nike Waffle Trainers, the most popular running shoe at the time. Then I tore the hell out of my feet at the 1st Annual Sarasota Herald-Tribune 10K. 10K’s were the rage back then.
  • 1979 (Age 33)

    Burdine's 9-miler with Pokey Joe and others.
  • 1981 (Age 35)

    My first marathon - The Philadelphia Marathon. Time: 3 hrs 34 mins and change.  I did a 12 week, Runner’s World training schedule for first-time marathoners. I met the infamous "WALL" at mile 22 and it was a death march to the end. I proved to myself, though, that I had what it took to persevere.
  • 1983 (Age 37)

    The first time I ran the Indianapolis Mini-Marathon. It's now the largest half-marathon in the United States. Indianapolis is my city of birth. I generally dressed in a full-body Jester's outfit and entertained the crowd as I ran by.
  • 1985 (Age 39)

    My second marathon - Chicago. I took 11 minutes off my previous time, and my finishing time of 3:23:18 still remains my fastest marathon time. Friends and family, Jinx and Amos, crewed for me.
  • 1986 (Age 40)

    I accomplished my goal of running a 10K in under 40 minutes while I was still 40.  I did it 28 days before my 41st birthday, at the HangOver 10K at the IUPUI outdoor track, on a very cold New Year's Day.
  • 1987 (Age 41)

    My first 100-miler was in Vermont. It was the easiest of the 100’s at the time. I broke the magical 24-hour barrier first try finishing in 22:41:17.  My headlamp went dead at 96-miles, which was scary. I thought to myself, ”I’m not last, I’ll wait.” I finished with 2 other runners, holding our hands above our heads with one light.
  • 1989 (Age 43)

    Did not finish at the infamous Leadville, CO "Race Across the Sky." This was my one and only DNF of any ultra-race I've competed in.
  • 1989 (Age 43)

    Across the State in 28! My first journey run. I ran from IL / IN state line to the IN / OH state line.  My pace was 50-miles a day for 3 days over Thanksgiving weekend. I ran for the Habitat for Humanity cause.
  • 1991 (Age 45)

    Shore to Shore in 104!  I ran from San Franciso, CA to Washington, DC in 104 days.  That equated to a marathon a day, 6 days a week for 15 weeks. Some injuries caused me to have to ride my bike for a few 100 of those 2700 miles.  I finished strong on the run. This was also for Habitat for Humanity. This effort earned me a brief audience with President Carter.
  • 1993 (Age 47)

    93 marathons in 1993!  My plan was to run 93 marathons in 1993, eclipsing what I thought was the world record of 87. But, by mid-year, I got a call from a guy, Ed Burretto, claiming he’d done 101.  So, when I finished my 93rd on the first weekend of Nov. at the NYC Marathon I did some calculations. I’d been running 2 marathons (same course both days) every weekend, all year, and I still had 6 weekends left in 1993. I did 11 more and ended the year with 104!
  • 1996 (Age 50)

    Run of the Century - The 100th running of the Boston Marathon.  I ran the course, in traffic, each morning for the 25 days prior to the big day.  I received national network coverage with the theme of “this guy from South Dakota...”  A feature story was done on the morning of the event about me with over a 3-minute runtime. Not bad for some guy from South Dakota.
  • 1997 (Age 51)

    I realized I was good at this multi-day stuff, so I did the L.A. Marathon course on 15 consecutive days. The 15th time being the actual 15th anniversary of the L.A. Marathon.
  • 1998 (Age 52)

    Headed back to LA for 16 in a row.
  • 1998 (Age 52)

    The NYC Marathon turned 29 in ‘98. I went to the City, got a room at 72nd St. YMCA, where Fred Lebow and his running buddies conceived of the idea of a marathon in Central Park.  Four laps around the outer loop and one-lap around the inner loop. From 1970 to 1976, that was the course. In ‘76 course was moved out to the current 5 borough course. So, for the 28 days prior to the 29th running of the event, I did the original Central Park course, and of course, on race day, I got a send-off from the Mayor and did my 29th morning in a row of 26.2 miles.  This remains my personal record for the most consecutive days running a marathon.
  • 2000 (Age 54)

    200 IN 2000!  As I was leaving NYC in November of 1998, I made a quick appearance on Keith Olbermann's sports talk show on ESPN2.  He asked: “So, you just came off of doing 29 marathons in a row. What's next?”  I said; “I”m not sure, but the turn of the century is coming up, I’ll probably figure out something outrageous, that’s never been done before.” On the plane trip home, I figured it out, 200 marathons in the year 2000.  I completed 186 of them. You won’t find me in the Guinness Book of Records, though. They didn’t like my format.  I’ve always done things my way. Legit, but not by anybody else’s standards.
  • 2006 (Age 60)

    I ran 480 laps on a one-quarter indoor track at Black Hills State University, which was my then hometown of Spearfish, SD (A total of 60-miles).  I did this to raise money for a climbing wall for the local middle school.
  • 2011 (Age 65)

    I ran 44 miles on that same track and then moved outside on a cold blustery day in Spearfish to do 21 miles. I did three 7-mile loops around town with a different running buddy for each of the 7-mile runs, for a grand total of 65 miles!
  • 2016 (Age 70)

    I ran 70K (46.3 miles) to celebrate becoming a septuagenarian, on event-day of the Lean Horse UltraMarathon. I created the event in 2005,
  • 2020 (Age 74)

    This will be my grand finale! This will be a 3000-mile journey run from Calais, ME to Key West, FL on the East Coast Greenway.